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Sunday School

Kids Super Church!

Children love Super Church!  Our teachers have specially designed worship time, lessons, crafts, and activities to interact with your children in order to help them learn about Jesus in a very fun way.  Initially, the children meet together for worship time, then break out into learning sessions, crafts, and activities according to age level.  Refreshments are served at some point during Sunday School.  Super Church is for ages 3 to 12 years old. Your children will love Super Church at Greater Life as they learn about Jesus in a safe and caring environment!

Youth Ministry

Our youth (ages 14-19) enjoy classes taught on their level on topics that will interest them. Also, they will enjoy fellowship with other youth at activity nights, community service projects, retreats, conventions, and lock-ins that are oriented to the needs of today’s youth.

Women's Ministry

More Information Coming Soon!

Men's Ministry

More Information Coming Soon!

Life Notes (Small Groups Ministry)

LIFE Notes is our Home Fellowship Group that is taught in a small groups environment.  We learn practical life lessons and spiritual truths that will grow our faith in God. It's educational, yet informal, and allows for all to input their thoughts in an uplifting fashion.


Come join one of our LIFE Notes groups for a great night of learning, fellowship, and refreshments!  Call or email us for Home Fellowship Group locations in Dixon, Illinois.


Sample Small Group Studies:

Jesus Restores                                        Our Sure Guide

Be Not Anxious

A Clear Conscience

Overcoming Insecurity

The Power Of Forgiveness

The Power Of Worship 

Bible Study

The Cross Road - Choosing The Path That Leads To Life


Greater Life Tracts:

Why Jesus?

Prayer & Healing Ministry

Prayer & Healing is an important part of our church culture... Do you need prayer or healing?  Join us in prayer and we will anoint you with oil and pray the prayer of faith on your behalf according to James 5:14-16.  At present time, our church doors are open for prayer and healing services on:


Tuesday........6:00 to 7:00 PM

Sunday.........10:00 AM


Life Notes prayer groups meetings on Wed, Thu, Fri... call for locations and times.  We would be happy to pray for your special concerns and needs.  


If you have a special need and would like our church to pray for you then send an email to our pastor at or go to "Prayer" menu and submit prayer request.


To give us your prayer requests go to our "Prayer" page or you can call the church:  815-284-8680

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Sunday School
Youth Ministry
Women's Ministry
Men's Ministry
Life Groups
Bible Study
Prayer & Healing


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